August Highlights | BHC School of Design

August Highlights

Here at BHC, August seemed to have flashed past!

It has been an interesting month filled with some exciting events and projects.

Our first years recently completed their first corporate project. The brief was to survey and draw up the existing 3rd floor (currently our 2nd and 3rd Year studio) and convert it to offices for an Architectural, Interior Design & Décor practice. This was also our first years’ first attempt at a 2 point perspective. Since our first years have not been introduced to CAD or 3D Software (which will still happen in due time) their projects all had to be hand drawn and rendered.


1st Years 02

1st Years 01

Some of our 1st Year's corporate hand-ins
Some of our 1st Year’s Corporate hand-ins


Our second year students were recently challenged to design an “awareness pod” and we were blown away with the results. Each student had to select a cause they were passionate about and design a small pod (which engaged with one person at a time) that made the visitor aware of this cause through various uses of technology. The challenge for this project went beyond just the brief; the students were also challenged to use Sketch Up (one of the 3D software packages that are introduced in 2nd Year). We were really impressed with how they embraced this challenge and we feel the results speak for themselves.


2nd Years 01

Two of our 2nd Year's Awareness Pods
Two of our 2nd Year’s Awareness Pods


Our décor students have been so busy this year (not just this month). Almost all of their projects to date have been live projects which means real clients with real briefs and real budgets. Their latest brief was to prepare and present a new layout for the rooftop terrace to the Bromwell. The students recently presented their proposals to the client and according to their studio masters, the presentations went really well. Our décor students’ 1 month internship commenced this week and we are sure all of these live projects prepared them well for this adventure.


Decor presentations to the client
Decor presentations to the client


After all of the demanding hand-ins this month, our students were definitely in need of a social break away from college. The entire college went to Grand West to ice skate last week. It was cold, it was a little painful (for the few that found the ice just a tad too slippery ;)) but it sure was a lot of fun! It was an excellent bonding experience and we were so impressed by the amazing turn-out (the mandatory hand-ins at Grand West might or might not have had something to do with it…sneaky lecturers)


Students showing off their ice skating skills
Students showing off their ice skating skills
Always ready for a photo ;)
Always ready for a photo 😉
The amazing turn-out
The amazing turn-out