BHC Alumni catch-up: Sameenah Ahmed | BHC School of Design

BHC Alumni catch-up: Sameenah Ahmed

Not everyone is born with the guts or the raw ability to create and build their own business. Of those brave entrepreneurs – the ones leaping passionately into their dreams – only the downright determined succeed!

Sameenah Ahmed is one of these gritty individuals. Her passion for Interior Design (and a love for the property and building development industry, instilled by her family), has resulted in the successful Interior Design Company, SAS Interior Design, which she runs with her talented hubby and business partner, Sarfaraz Sablay.

The best part? Sameenah is a BHC Alumnus, and we couldn’t be more proud! There is nothing we love more than a student who’s gone through our ranks and come out on top. We were very privileged to have Sameenah come to our Open Day on the 29th September to talk to prospective students about her experience at BHC and the life she’s built on her career to date.  It was impressive, to say the least, and was so inspiring that we even had a few mums and dads wanting to switch careers.

Sameenah matriculated in 2007 and went on to begin her Interior Design career studying with BHC, graduating with top marks in 2010. We asked her why BHC was her institution of choice, (because let’s be fair, we all do our research before enrolling with the perfect fit), and this was her answer:

“I loved the environment, the facility and the works which were produced from past students. They’re well known in the industry for equipping their students with a broader understanding of design and the functioning of the way things work.”

And not to toot our own horn or anything (wink), we asked Sameenah what she felt she received at BHC that she wouldn’t have elsewhere:

“Practical, evidence-based design. Well-trained, practicing and equipped lecturers, who are passionate about interior design. Individuals who push your boundaries and open your mind to think more creatively. BHC has a consistently high standard of teaching methods and a reliable studio equipped with everything you need.”

After a stint working in the Interior Design industry for a well-known and respected company, Freeworld Design Centre, Sameenah began taking on smaller Interior Decorating jobs while starting her family. A few years later, SAS Interior Design was born out of a shared passion for the Design and Construction Industries. Together with their individual expertise, they have been able to offer ‘complete turn-key solutions’ and their company is thriving.

Sameenah & Family
SAS work


Thank you Sameenah, we are immensely proud of you and look forward to seeing your designs painted beautifully, not just all over Cape Town but the world!

P.S. We’d love to meet you on Instagram: follow us at @bhcdesignschool for epic visuals and BHC updates.