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How did we get to more than halfway through August already? It feels like just yesterday that we welcomed our first year design & décor student and now we are already planning our end of year events.

Here is a little update of what our students have been up to since the June holiday…

Our third years completed a 4 week internship at an Architectural/ Design Practice before the holiday commenced. They returned to college this term more focused and determined than ever. We are not sure if it was the long office hours or the excitement of seeing their designs progress from concept to installation that has resulted in this new found dedication. They are currently working on a Retail brief. Working in pairs, they had to prepare & present a Corporate Identity Document and Interior Design proposal for either a Butchery (named ‘The Carvery’) or alternatively a Fresh Produce Store (named ‘Sprout’).


The Carvery Interior Perspective


The 2nd years have been practicing their CAD skills lately. They recently completed plans, elevations and a section for a new residence in Houtbay. The brief has been divided into various stages (we love a good intermediate hand-in here at BHC ) and they are currently working on the 3D proposals for the project. Below are some of their CAD drawings which were required as the first phase of this project.


Very professional CAD drawings


First Year is all about Corporate Design at present. In groups, the students had to research and graphically present various requirements of corporate environments e.g. healthy workstations; technology in an office environment, materials in office environments etc. The result was beautiful presented posters made up of various infographics to communicate their findings.  The class have recently received their first official lesson in grid assisted 2 point perspectives and we are excited to see how they will translate their findings and designs into interior spaces.


Infographic Presentations

Our Décor class is finishing off their latest brief before they embark on a 3 week internship starting the 27th of August. Their current brief is to propose a new layout and facelift for Freddie Freeloader, a local hang out spot of our students. The students really enjoy the “live” briefs where they are able to engage with a client and visit the site – a very good preview for what is to come after graduation.


Client meeting at Freddie Freeloader