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Good Luck!

It is June, which not only means we are halfway through the year, but also that the June exams are upon us! If you have been following BHC on the social media platforms, you’ll know about all of the exciting adventures of the past few months. The highlights include our Boeresport day, the implementation of Virtual Reality into our design syllabus, a successful Set Square competition and very fashionable new hoodies! It has been an amazing first semester and we are excited for the rest of the year…Before we get ahead of ourselves though, we need to get through these exams…So here is a “good luck shout- out” to all of 1st and 2nd Year Design students for the upcoming exams!


Lecture Room


The 3rd years might not have exams anymore (hooray) but they have their own adventure to look forward to…As part of our third year design syllabus, our students need to complete a 4 week internship within an Interior Design or Architectural practice. This experience provides them with a realistic view of the industry and the working environment, and provides them with the opportunity to bridge the gap between the academic environment and the world of work. We would like to wish all of our third years the best of luck for their upcoming internship, starting on the 12th of June. We hope all of you have an amazing time and keep up the legacy our past graduates have established in the industry!