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Looking to unleash your inner creative? Design new spaces where people will live and work?

Let BHC Interior Design School help you craft your dream future in interior design or interior décor. Why?

– The campus is situated in beautiful Cape Town
– The school specializes exclusively in Interior Design Education
– Use VR and other cutting edge technologies
– Get taught by experts working in the field
– BHC is the only registered and specialist design institution in the mother city


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Design your career. Study at a private school on a small, beautifully designed campus in the heart of Cape Town. BHC School of Design offers students full time accredited courses in Interior Design and Interior Decorating. But the school also offers a range of part time short courses. Choose from a:

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Benefits of studying at BHC – Cape Town’s only fully accredited and registered school of interior design and interior décor:

– Design using Virtual Reality and other expert technologies
– Daily exposure to experts working in the field
– Study at a well run, privately owned school with an esteemed reputation
– Get the mentoring you need to design an ambitious, successful career
– Campus situated in the heart of creative Woodstock, next to bustling Cape Town
– Live on Campus in a beautifully decorated studio apartment


Your Lecturers:

Practicing designers and architects, your lecturers are on top of the latest trends and technologies, and are leaders in their fields. Get to work on real projects and make a real difference. Dedicated studio masters are always on-hand to assist and mentor. We’re with you every step of the way during your student career.


Virtual Reality at BHC:

Technology is changing the way creative leaders design and communicate. At BHC’s school of interior design you’ll be immersed in next level technologies. Walk inside your projects with our VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). The experience will change the way you think about interior design.

BHC Interior Design School Benefits:

– Design using VR
– Exposure to working experts
– Study at a reputable design school
– Private campus situated in creative Cape Town

Registering to study at BHC in 2022? Pay your full annual fee by 31 January 2022, and get 5% off!

What the industry says about BHC School of Design:

I think BHC is a lot more skill based and hands on than theory driven. This brings learning to the experience.

Heidi Zollner Heidi Zollner, Zollner Architects.

We feel that BHC offers a great course. Learners are coming out with a lot of knowledge and keep up with the new technology.

Lauren Visser Lauren Visser, D360

I think BHC is a lot more skill based and hands on than theory driven. This brings learning to the experience.

Maurice Paliaga Maurice Paliaga, Architectural & Retail Design.

I see BHC School of Design as very professional and provides fantastic subjects to learners.

Etch Interiors Etch Interiors, Etch Interiors

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Meet BHC’s alumni:

It’s been one and a half years since graduation – time is just flying. Every now and then I am thinking of the little secrets you thought us and of course the amazing time at BHC. I am working in a team of 5 internal architects for a year now and I am loving it. I’ve started with an internship and now working as an interior designer. I am currently finishing up my first project a little hotel (29 rooms) on the German coast. I really must say that you and the whole BHC team did a really amazing job preparing me for the work life.

Roya Zamankhan Roya Zamankhan, Berlin, Germany.

My clients are in HK, Sydney, London and perhaps soon Dubai with the team spread across the globe too. We collaborate online over time zones. I follow the summer Bali, Berlin, Cape Town, now Porto in Portugal.

Laura Hiddleston Laura Hiddleston, RedStable

What’s Interior Design?

Create systems that incorporate the physical, emotional and digital aspects of humanity. Interior design is all about creating spaces that cater for a brand — or a person’s essence — their very identity. But interior design is much more than that. It is about creating remarkable spaces aimed to enhance productivity, ensure the physical well being of humans, as well as to inspire or to make a statement.


What is interior décor?

Interior decorating is all about the art, and science, of composition. It is about making rooms and spaces more functional, beautiful, and comfortable for the people that use them. If you’ve decorated your home or office you’ve been involved in doing interior decorating. Interior design is all about the structure of spaces, while interior décor is about using colour, lighting, furniture and other adornments to make spaces come alive. Or to achieve a specific goal. Or to align with a specific brand.


What you’ll work with at BHC:

Your toolkit will include technology, Virtual Reality, colour, light, furniture, architecture, physical space. Collaborate with some of the world’s top brands. As an interior designer you could see your artistry expressed in massive retail environments. Stately homes. Big business parks. Or next generation work spaces.

Student Portfolios:

Become an expert in interior design practice – a career that can take you across the globe to the interior design capitals of the world.

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