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Digital Design

The Digital Design Course distills the latest digitally-aided design trends into a new, invaluable skillset for this transformational age. Embracing evolving teaching methods, this course follows a blended learning approach, mixing live tuition and self-study content. Hands-on classes and streamlined material make the course modules accessible to new learners, graduates, or working professionals wanting to learn or upskill.

The Digital Design Course will equip you with a core set of digital skills to create, capture and communicate across a diverse range of design fields.
You will learn to visualize, refine, enhance, and present your ideas and designs using digital resources like computer hardware and software, smartphones, cameras, VR systems, 3D printing and CAD based manufacturing technologies.
Digital skills to create, capture and communicate design, for:
• idea presentation • concept visualisation • digital creatives • makers • interiors • architecture • product & industrial design • exhibition & event design • film & set production • construction & manufacturing • property development • shopfitting & customisation • woodworking & cabinetry • hobbyists and inventors • technophiles
The course is separated into four modules, available as a full course or individually (if you have pre-existing experience):
1.2D Presentation Design
2.3D Modelling & Rendering
3.Immersive Presentation and Capture
4.CAD Fabrication


Campus Intake Application Open Period
72 Salt River Road, Cape Town 2023 18/01/2023 – 31/12/2023 Apply Online