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Diploma Interior Design

BHC offers a comprehensive, accredited and SAQA registered 3 year, full time Diploma in Interior Design. The programme is designed in response to the needs of the design industry and is structured to integrate the latest industry developments into the delivery programme.

Throughout the three years, students are encouraged to think creatively about developing design solutions for a variety of applications, including domestic, hospitality, commercial and retail sectors.

In first year, you will learn fundamental knowledge and skills required to prepare a design proposal. In second year, you will have the opportunity to refine your skills as well as focusing on developing your technical understanding of design projects. The aim of third year is to prepare you for the world of work by developing confidence and professionalism in yourself and your work. You will also work towards preparing a design portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge, skills and personal design style.

Subjects that are included in the programme are Practical Interior Design, Detail Design, Technical Drawing, Building Construction, Technical Services, Council Submission, Materials, History Studies, Contemporary Studies, Professional Practice, Experiential Learning as well as a variety of computer softwear modules.




Campus Intake Application Open Period
72 Salt River Road, Cape Town 2024 14/03/2023 – 01/03/2024 Apply Online
2023 14/03/2022 – 01/03/2023 Applications Closed
2022 03/03/2021 – 01/06/2022 Applications Closed