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Styling for National Woman’s Day

By October 23, 2022No Comments

Styling for National Woman’s Day

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Atmosphere Furniture hosted our décor students’ styling composition in their double-story showroom in Woodstock. Providing our students with a peek into the industry as they decorate a dining room setting, along with either a desk or a bedroom. The brief consisted of introducing learners to the equipment, materials, media, and techniques that are required to communicate each phase of the design process; from concept development to final client presentation. The styling of the settings was inspired and in celebration of National Women’s Day and executed in Atmosphere’s showroom on Friday, 7th August 2020. Students were allocated into groups of 2, competing for the Atmosphere Award, which included a gift from the store and a certificate to boost their prospective career.

Congratulations to the two students, Bianca Van Deventer and Jill Kreimeier who won the Atmosphere Award. Their approach to styling the dining room setting was to create a calming and beautiful space for hard-working businesswomen. The table was covered in delicious baked bread, palliative plants, and ruby red strawberries, to add some colour to the neutral tones. These were paired with brass ants, showing a fun, playful side to their design and creating a picnic feel.

We would like to thank Atmosphere Furniture for the warm welcome and hospitality during our visit and Marcia Margolius, for the encouraging words to our students.

We look forward to continue learning and collaborating with Atmosphere Furniture and their team of experts for many years to come.